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.The Berkshires- My Vision, My Voice - Volume One

.The Berkshires- My Vision, My Voice - Volume One
.The Berkshires- My Vision, My Voice - Volume One
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Product Description

This 36-page full color book contains 16 of my most favorite and most desired photographs of Berkshire County, MA. Presented with my “eye catching” fine art photographs and supported with my voice, what I saw, and how I felt when I was ready to click the shutter.

A visual treat for any armchair hiker or can be used as guide while hiking. Loaded with 32 pages of unique color photographs (each with a GPS location included) of over dozen special spots located within Berkshire county. Each location has a comment from the photographer, what he saw and how he felt about creating each specific photograph.

Includes Berkshire county locations as Sheffield, MA., Bartholomew’s Cobble -  Ashley Falls, Stockbridge Bowl - Stockbridge MA., Umpachene Falls, Baldwin Hill - South Egremont, the historical Sheffield Covered Bridge, My. Greylock - North Adams, MA., Race Brook Falls, Onota Lake - Pittsfield, MA., and much more. This book is the next best thing to visiting Berkshire County, MA.

ISBN 9781513697321

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