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Natural Eye Care Series: Glaucoma

Natural Eye Care Series: Glaucoma
Natural Eye Care Series: Glaucoma
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Product Description

Natural Eye Care Series: Glaucoma shows you how to become an active participant in your own vision care. Written by Dr. Marc Grossman, OD and Michael Edson, L.Ac, the primary goal of this book is to offer a practical approach, based on the underlying philosophy that emphasizes prevention and support. This book will help you make sensible, researched, and clinically based decisions to support optic nerve health with recommendations that include Western herbs, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, daily eye exercise and additional therapies. You will learn about the underlying causes and be given tools and techniques to develop your own eye health strategies.


Preface 3; Glaucoma 5; What is Glaucoma? 5; Anatomy of Glaucoma 7; Pathology 7; Types of Glaucoma 9; Causes and Risk Factors 12; Diagnosing Glaucoma 15; Conventional Treatment 16; Complementary Approach 25; Nutrients;25; Diet..;.35; Lifestyle;.39; Other Modalities 45; On the Horizon 49 ;

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