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Luv my Dog Deer Velvet and Manuka In-Home Dental Spray (available mid April 2022)

Luv my Dog Deer Velvet and Manuka in-Home Dental Spray (90 day bottle)
Luv my Dog Deer Velvet and Manuka in-Home Dental Spray (90 day bottle)
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Product Description

LUV MY DOG© DEER VELVET & MANUKA IN-HOME DENTAL SPRAY *PRODUCT OF NEW ZEALAND. Because our furry family members are more than just a pet, we have combined Deer Antler Velvet, NZ Manuka Hydrosol, Manuka concentrate, Manuka Honey 10+ and Propolis to make an amazing oral dental spray for your pet. With 100% natural products all sourced from New Zealand, this Pet dental spray is easy to administer and care or your petís oral health.

USE: TO ASSIST WITH ORAL HYGIENE. Use to assist with stomatitis, sore gums, gingivitis, ulcers, tartar control and whitening teeth. All Natural Ingredients: Manuka Hydrosol, Bio-Active Deer Velvet Extract, Manuka Honey UMF 10+, Propolis, Symboisolv XE, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Manuka Concentrate.* NO CHEMICALS as compared with other dental sprays.

*The ingredients have shown to have antibacterial, antiflammatory and helps stimulate the immune system as well as a myriad of health benefits.


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