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Kiss Your Life Hello with Polysaccharides and Polypeptides Revised EBOOK

Kiss Your Life Hello ebook
Kiss Your Life Hello ebook
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Product Description

From the common cold to cancer, we have become victims of free radicals, which ultimately wear down our immune system and inhibit its ability to defend and heal our body. These destructive culprits are found everywhere. What chance do we have against this villain? How do we eliminate these sources of destructive molecules? Improving air quality, purifying water, and improving diet does help. Reducing stress is easier said than done. Even if we attempt to change our lifestyles, we still may fall short of restoring our bodies to good health. Therefore, we must search for other means of combating free radical degeneration. The conventional weapons, called “antioxidants” are not enough. In the pages that follow, you will learn of a unique natural food formula unlike any other. It has been widely used for many years in Asia by doctors and other health care providers. It is made from a form of a whole food complex that is able to win the bat-tle against free radical destruction—polysaccharides/polypeptides.

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