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The Beauty of the American Southwest

The Beauty of the American Southwest
The Beauty of the American Southwest
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The Beauty of the American Southwest” offers a photographic visual trek into the Great American Southwest. You will be able to join in on this tour from the comfort of your living room. Tour Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Horseshoe Bend – Page AZ., The Grand Canyon – the North and West Rims, The Mojave Desert, and more. f you have imagined taking a three-week photographic tour of the American Southwest, imagine no more. Purchase a copy Dylan W. Kubis’s "The Beauty of the American Southwest" and hike, tour the Southwest anytime you want. Dylan’s first book contains over 70 color photos of his three week trek in and about the Four Corners, California, Texas and much more. Visit from the comfort of your home; Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Utah’s Dead Horse State Park, visually drive along the Moab Scenic By-Way. Spend some time at the Ute/Navajo Tribal Park - Monument Valley made famous by John Ford and his many classic western films.Take a brief tour of Sedona, AZ, HorseShoe Bend Tribal Park, Page AZ, be overwhelmed with your visual tour of the North and West rims of the Grand Canyon. As you near the end of your “eye candy” visual tour, visit the Mojave Desert, CA., The Petrified Frost, The Painted Desert ending your visual tour with a visit to the Valley of FIre, NV.

60-pages, (over 65 photos included)

Great gift book.


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