The Pollution Inside You

The Pollution Inside You
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WHAT IS YOUR BODY DYING TO TELL YOU?By Rhonda Donahue, PhD ISBN 9781884820960 $14.95 The human body is a very powerful instrument and can take years and years of the cruelest punishment. Then comes the day the human body reaches its capacity for being loaded down with useless foods, chemicals and pollutions. Usually it's only after disease strikes that people start to treat their bodies better, if it is not too late.When our bodies can't take any more abuse it screams out to us with symptoms which include aches and pains. What is your body dying to tell you? Are you tired or just not feeling well, if so your body is trying to tell you it has had enough! It wants your attention! Are you listening? It's time to take care of your self before it gets worse and disease sets in. ;Do you have serious health issues and are you tired of being sick? Do you finally want to do something about it?Sooner or later, we all have to accept the fact that we ingest and are exposed to many forms of toxins, chemicals and pollution on a daily basis. There are just too many to list in this book. ;We will look at some of the main ones that we are exposed to and why it is important to detox your body and home on a regular basis.Everywhere we go we are exposed to things that are slowly poisoning our bodies regularly and repeatedly. Every day we unknowingly are exposed to so many new and stronger chemicals, air and water pollution, radiation and even the foods that we think are healthy, like fruits and vegetables, often have pesticides on them and can cause severe problems. Many of us are ingesting chemicals, use drugs of all kinds, eat too much sugar and refined foods, and daily abuse ourselves with various stimulants, pain killers and sedatives. Even the air we breathe because of chemicals and pollution brings toxins into our bodies.Your body is dying inside, slowly but surely.But you can do something about it. You will find solutions in this book to help your body start living again with healthy vibrant energy. As you become aware you begin to realize that there are really very few things that don't bring toxins into our bodies. ;You will learn here where toxins are and how to limit exposure and or how to get rid of them. If we don't learn how to get rid of these harmful toxins we may experience a wide variety of health problems such as: intestinal problems, respiratory problems, inflammation and colon problems. There are many more problems that can occur, but you get the point. To make things worse many symptoms from toxicity are being improperly diagnosed resulting in consuming unneeded drugs. Drugs can be another form of toxins and pollution inside us.I tell people all the time to not wait until something goes wrong and you are forced to suffer. ;Make up your mind to take care of your body now, so you can live longer and with a healthier body and mind. You are only given one body, so don't abuse it! Think of your body as a great plumbing system. We are made up of little pipes, medium pipes and large pipes like the intestinal tract, which is 30 feet long.;Throughout the intestinal pipe from the mouth to the rectum, flows the food and drink we consume. When it is clean and functional all is well. However, through continuous mistreatment, it can become a source of constant poisoning for the entire body. In my opinion every disease, no matter what name it is known by scientifically, is basically a clogging of the human pipe system.;Any part of this system can become clogged. One of the biggest killers of them all is Heart Disease;.This is when there is accumulation of toxic matter that clogs the arteries of the heart itself. ;One of the most deadly diseases in the world is hardening of the arteries. How can you prevent hardening of the arteries?;You must first start avoiding the foods and drinks that clog, obstruct and accumulate waste into the human pipe system, into the organs of the body and into the cells. ;The digestive system must be kept clean. When the body becomes toxic, this can cause a lot of problems, suffering and even death. There is good news; you can do something about it.

;One of the best ways that I have found to cleanse the toxins and pollution from the body and prevent further toxic buildup is with natural foods, herbs and a few other techniques that I will mention later in this book.Think of your body like your car. ;We treat our cars better than we do our bodies. ;We give our cars regular tune-ups and oil changes, so that our cars will run better and last longer. When our car gets too old, we trade it in for a new one. We can't do that with our bodies. ;We are stuck with the one we have. ;So we need to take care of it. ;We need to tune it up and clean it out so it will run better and last longer.It costs about the same amount of money for a Detox program as it does for a tune up and oil change for your car. Just like a car, every so many miles or months you need to do another tune up and oil change.My personal experience with accumulating toxins was one of the reasons I decided to write this book. Another reason for writing this book is so that I can reach many other people that I may not be able to in my day to day practice. This book is your beginning guide to getting the harmful toxins out of your body and home. I know that it may be overwhelming to you at first, but if you make even a few changes and a little bit of detoxifying you will feel the difference!If you have ever worried about what the many toxins and pollution in our environment are doing to your body, you will find out in this book. If you have ever wondered how to get rid of toxins and live a healthier lifestyle, you will learn it in this book. Don't let the world';s garbage and filth take over your body. Use the information in this book to make sure that you keep as healthy as you can be, so let';s get started, it's easier than you think! What you will learn by reading this book:. Toxin exposure: What, Where and How to avoid it. Symptoms and conditions of toxicity. Room by room detection of toxins. The highest and lowest pesticide-containin gfoods. The hard facts about toxicity in the colon. Simple non-toxic house cleaning product recipes

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