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Think and Feel Older. Longevity Tips for your 60s 70s and Beyond!

Think and Feel Younger paperback
Think and Feel Younger paperback
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How did we get this old? When you turned 50 AARP came knocking. When you turned 60 those gray hairs and wrinkles took over. When you turned seventy you started thinking about how many days you had left until the grim reaper came around. You know you have many, many years left and why spend them as a couch potato. Author, Nina Anderson as the blogmeister Anti-Aging Lady, is well versed in the pitfalls of growing older. In in a lighthearted but factual way, she offers her wisdom on keeping a healthy brain, the trick to ‘thinking young’, cutting edge ways to turn back the clock, new help for aching joints, how to have a new face and more! Table of Contents

Chapter One Who Thinks You are Old?

Chapter Two The Basics

Chapter Three Supporting Your Brain

Chapter Three Thinking Younger

Chapter Five Why is Your Body Aging?

Chapter Six Help for Sore Joints and Arthritis

Chapter Seven Skin Care

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