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Restaurant Crystal Clean Biodegradable wine glass soap

Restaurant Crystal Clean
Restaurant Crystal Clean
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Product Description

The Gourmet's Choice for Wine Glass Cleaning

No film. No odor. No bitter tastes. Machine or Handwashing, Your glassware will glow!

Glass gets etched and your dish soap hides in those tiny cracks so it affects the true taste of wine or any beverage. This product gets rid of that soap residue.

Cuts grease, butter, olive oil, finger prints and lipstick. Our unique formula won't etch, pit or cloud your glasses.

No streaks, no film, glassware looks great! Convenient, Saves time. Immediate Results, No Soaking. Reduces polishing 97%+. A quick wipe to dry is all you need.

100% Biodegradable. No Preservatives. No Hydro-Carbons.

Can use on all dishware, crystal vases, glass figurines, etc.


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