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Del - Immune for immune support.

Del Immune
Del Immune
Item# del-immune

Product Description

Nature's way to a healthier immune system.

Del-Immune V® is a dietary supplement that provides immediate immune system support, helping the body defend itself from environmental invaders such as viruses and germs. It is also used to help the body deal with other health issues by strengthening the body’s natural immune response.

Del-Immune V® is made from a potent strain of live probiotic, or ‘friendly’ bacteria, but is more than a simple probiotic. Scientists have found that by breaking open the tiny cells of a special probiotic strain, they unleashed the true potential of probiotics. These complex cell fragments have been clinically proven to ignite an immediate immune response.

Doctors recommend Del-Immune V® to help the body fight infection and recover faster..

Read what doctors and customers say about Del-Immune V®

"I have used this product in over 1,000 patients. Many of them have continued to use it on a daily basis because it gives them such a high resistance to colds and flu." Elin Ritchie, M.D., Taos, New Mexico

"I find this product to have a restorative effect on the immune system, and have successfully used it in over 500 patients with no side effects. I also give it to my own family." Roger Mazlen, M.D., Roslyn Heights, New York

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