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ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum

ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum
ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum
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Product Description

The latest skin serum form of Live Cell Therapy - ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum (BP). The new advanced skin serum is specifically designed for skin rejuvenation and facial beauty benefits. Incredible benefits from natural algae anti-irritation extract, it is not only provides anti-inflammation effect but also improves the growth of healthy skin, result in better skin quality, beauty natural clear skin tone, to keep skin looking bright and fresh.

While most cosmetics and skin care treatments work by suppressing the natural skins' flaws over a short period of time and only for as long as they are applied, Cell Therapy Skin Serum stimulates the skin's own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect which would last years through a monthly based program.

ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum utilize the micro stem cell extract technologies that works effectively to help heal skin surface damage, moisturizing ingredients penetrate into deeper skin layers that can favorably the balance of collagen growth.

Another wonderful ingredient within ABLE Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum is the high-effective moisturizing extract that contain growth of collagen, which can soothe the weak and DRY SKIN and at the meantime giving the best protection such as reverse SUN DAMAGE on face skin.

Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum (BP) Discover ABLE Botanical Sheep Placenta Advanced Skin Serum - the medical cosmetic pioneer brings together the best from research and innovation, its excellent source of human engineering concepts that including promotes skin regeneration process, the embryonic botanical cell based ingredients compounds enhance our body's natural ability to restore and replenish skin cells. The cutting edge micro stem cell extract technologies make this new advanced skin serum an exclusive formula miraculous transforms skin by gently replenishing to natural levels which is one of the most important steps in keeping skin appear bright and fresh.

As stated above, Live Cell Therapy is the direct descendent of the originally secret Cell Therapy of Switzerland (the forefather of all forms of Stem Cell Therapy). Live Cell Therapy is safer than the traditional Stem Cell Therapy and is FDA approved.

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